How to access our services?

Free Food

We offer Free hot food and drinks to everyone who comes in and you’re also able to ask for seconds, thirds and takeaways , you have 3 options to choose from – meat, vegetarian or vegan dishes.

The Soup Kitchen is open to the public one Saturday in the month – here is a list of the Saturdays we will be open

Saturday 25th January
Saturday 8th February
Saturday 14th March
Saturday 11th April
Saturday 9th May
Saturday 13th June
Saturday 11th July
Saturday 8th August
Saturday 26th September
Saturday 10th October
Saturday 14th November

Activities we offer..

We provide a CV workshop for those looking to get back into work – bring your current CV and we have helpful volunteers ready to help you make your CV look appealing to employers. We also offer assistance with job applications and general advice on housing.

Useful Resources

We have members of the Citizens Advice Bureau on site to offer advice and we have numbers for housing and employability services also onsite

Clothes Bank

We provide a clothes bank for both male and females so feel free to have a rummage through what we have!